A Life Well-Lived

A few moments ago I was online doing research for an article I have already written about the life of a remarkable man, Bernard Camper. I wrote the text from a distorted audio file and so I needed to find verification on some dates and on spellings of names. In particular, the name Bill Newell came up. While Googling, his obituary came across my screen.

In his lifetime, Newell was Minister and District Superintendent of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church and Director of World Vision. He was inducted into the Order of Canada for his work with World Vision. Reverend Dr. William James Newell, the obituary reads, died “Quietly and after a lifetime of faithful service.”

What an amazing statement on a person’s history. It makes you wonder, when that day comes, how will I look back on the life I’ve lived? Will I have lived for self-interest, or in a fashion which has benefited others and the world around me? What will my obituary say? 

What will your obituary say?

Today is a good day for us all to begin living in the manner for which we would wish to be remembered.

Reverend Dr. William James Newell

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