Love Makes You Crazy

I slept thru my alarm clock this morning, which, being my day off, wasn’t the end of the world. It did mean, though, that the kids were late for school and my morning plans got pushed back. By the time I had the children dropped off appropriately, had purchased laundry soap and chilli-making supplies and had returned home, my dog, Lilly, was curled up and sleeping on a pile of laundry in the corner of my bedroom. (Hey, don’t judge me!) I would have left her there, except she was lying on my favourite sweater, and that just wasn’t going to work.

“Lilly,” I said, “Come here.”

Her response was minimal. Since Lilly gives the word hyper-active new meaning, I started to get concerned.

“Lilly?” She opened her eyes, and it seemed to me that they were weeping. Bending down, I picked her up and gently cradled her in my arms, stroking her under the chin. “Are you okay, Lil’?” She looked at me groggily, and I placed her near the pillow on my bed. The pillow, where I lay my head at night, is strictly puppy taboo. Normally. But now, in my concern, I offered it shamelessly. “Why aren’t you sleeping on the pillow?” I asked the dog.

And then she woke up.

Putting an ear to the mattress, she began to squirm and wiggle and rub herself along the sheets. The Jack Russell in her took over and her entire body convulsed into a frenzy of digging my bed. She was fine. More than fine. Just the littlest bit of attention and affection and the dog had woken up and gone berserk with joy.

“Love makes you crazy, doesn’t it dog?” I said. When I left the room, she lept from the bed and followed me down the hall.

If a simple moment of love can do this to a dog, just imagine what joy acts of love might bring the world.

Tell us what simple acts of love you have done to make someone’s world better.


4 comments on “Love Makes You Crazy

  1. That’s great, Janny! I have seen him there, too. One time I had purchased chocolate covered almonds and was already munching on them as I left the parking lot. As I was passing him I decided to give him what remained. His eyes just lit up! Plus I saved myself all those calories! :) I have become convinced that those acts of love are so powerful. Great to hear your story.

  2. It was a very hot summers day, and my mom and I were shopping at Walmart. When we finished, as we were walking to the car, I caught a glimpse of a less fortunate man sitting in a wheel chair, begging for food for he and his dog, he looked like he was quite thirsty and hungry himself so as my mom chatted with him I went and bought him and his dog some food and water. He thanked us over and over again and then we went on our way. I have done other acts of what I consider love, but that act of love is the most memorable.

  3. I’ve been reading this book called “Misfits Welcome” by Matthew Barnett and this entire book is one act of love after another. One thing they talk about which has sparked an idea in me is a person who took a hot dog cart out and offered free hot dogs and free prayers. Well, I live in the Okanagan, so I thought, what if we got an ice cream cart and stocked it with giant freezies and did the same sort of thing here? Seems like a very cool idea for the upcoming summer!

  4. For me, acts of love can be as simple as driving my kids to the store at night when we all know they are fully capable of walking. If I am willing to stop what I am doing just to serve them, they know I am really saying, “I love you.'”

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