New Single off the Soon to Be Released Album “Lion’s Roar”

I wrote this song one night last Spring. I was feeling down and had gone to my church to pray, but when I arrived, I was too tired to even get out of my car. I sat in front of the building and watched as the wind played with a gold sash which had been wrapped around the emblem of the cross which stands in front of the church building. As the wind picked up and the gold sash began to lash the cross, God began to speak to me. “This is who I am. This is what I’ve done for you. You keep your eyes on me, and not on others.”

He’s the Lamb who took the throne. I like the double entendre of that. He took His place on the throne, but He had to take the throne — had to win that throne — first. Both in the heavens and in my heart.


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