Tan Glorioso

Last year the woman who was then the guitar player in my band took a holiday in Mexico and came back feeling buyer’s remorse over her recently purchased time share.

“Leigh,” she said, “You need to get ready to come to Mexico with me.”

I, personally, felt sudden approval, not remorse, over her purchase. 

As I thought it over, I got an idea. If I was going to Mexico, I was going to bring music with me. I would take the English lyrics out of several of my recorded songs, go back into studio, and put Spanish lyrics in. So, I got started.

Shortly afterwards, I began attending a new church. Interestingly. my new pastor was also in charge of missions — to Mexico. This January  she will be taking my new CD, Amado (Beloved) to Mexico with her to help Mexican cancer patients without the wherewithal to obtain treatment. 

Here’s Tan Glorioso – So Glorious.

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